Hello, World!

I’m Neeraj Kumar, an entrepreneur and technologist. I am currently reshaping PR analytics with Arkreach, a next-generation SaaS analytics tool harnessing AI and ML for comprehensive insights from news and the web, facilitating real-time decisions beyond social media data.

My diverse journey has led me to create Electrik, showcasing my passion for innovative programming and boundary-pushing open-source software. I’ve also founded Quick Brown Fox, a digital marketing agency, and have served as Senior Account Manager at MSLGROUP, executing successful digital campaigns for major brands. I’ve created proprietary software like Peoples Lab and Factstream, used by renowned companies for social networking and news aggregation respectively.

Apart from entrepreneurship, I indulge in music and love exploring different cultures through travel.

If you’re looking for a collaborator to break norms, inspire innovation, and create a significant impact, let’s team up and make the magic happen!

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